Add to the favorites" option has disappeared

Hello, for several weeks in the brave settings, which is my default browser, the “Add to the favorites” option has disappeared from the browser!
When I visit a website and I would like to add it to my favorites, I can’t anymore because this option has disappeared. My device is an iPados (Apple).
Please explain to me what the problem is and how to solve it ??
Looking forward to reading you. THANKS.

If you open the main menu, you’ll see the Add to Favorites option listed:

This is on both iPad OS and iPhone as well using the latest version of the browser.

Good evening,
I understood your answer.
Except that when I specify that this option has disappeared from the list of the Deroulant menu, it is because it disappeared.
You will find in attachment a screen copy of a web page that I have just made and you will find that the option I am talking about no longer appears!
For what reason, please please?
What is the latest version of the Brave Browser browser ??
Looking forward to knowing your answer,
Sincerely. :arrow_down::arrow_down:

I believe that the option will not appear if the site is already added to favorites — can you confirm whether or not this is the case for you? Simply visit a site that is not already part of your favorites and see if the option appears in the menu.

Thank you