Add to Homescreen menu doesn't add to homescreen


The last few versions of Brave for Android had missing “add to homescreen” menu option. It’s back now, and PWAs even autoprompt to add to homescreen, but when going through the add to homescreen flow, it ends without anything being added to homescreen.

Pixel XL, running stock Pixel Launcher. I AM on the O preview, but Chrome successfully adds the same sites to the homescreen just fine, so I’m skeptical that’s the issue.


I can see the link added to homescreen on the latest version. Does it show the confirmation after adding?

cc: @serg @LaurenWags


@Jerwarren I don’t have the O preview and I’m seeing the Add to Home screen functionality working fine. To confirm, you’re using Brave 1.0.24?


It does show the confirmation, it’s just that nothing ever shows up on the homescreen.


yes, Brave 1.0.24, Android O beta 3, Pixel XL, Pixel Launcher


@Jerwarren - do you have more than one homescreen? just wondering if you’ve looked on all of them. Thanks!



Yeah, I have two, but I checked both :slight_smile:


Thanks @Jerwarren - I was hoping it was just hiding on another screen :slight_smile:

I’ve entered an issue for investigation which can be tracked at the link below. Thanks for reporting!


I’m not sure if it was the Android O official release that fixed it or a recent Brave update, but I can once again add things to homescreen.


Thanks for letting us know @Jerwarren! I’ve added a comment to the issue noting your findings.


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