Add Tezos to Brave Wallet

Tezos is a serious contender for scaling to real world usage levels.

With its enshrined optimistic roll-ups it’s the only chain (as far as I’m aware) to have solved the UI problem of requiring two separate tokens (L1 and L2) and all the economic and governance problems that come with it.

Beacon is a Tezos wallet standard and beacon-sdk can communicate to chrome extensions. Please take a look:

I want to express my support for this integration :slight_smile:

I’m primarily a Brave & Tezos user. It would be great if I could use Brave Wallet to interact with Tezos ecosystems.

Tezos has solid experience when interacting with Defi or NFT.
I hope this will open more gates to decentralized world for Brave user. :+1:


Yes, Please integrate Tezos!


Definitely will support the integration of tezos and BAT. would be great in supporting my blog about the tezos network, receiving BAT from followers, and being able to have those funds to back into an integration with brave and tezos going forward (if that makes any sense haha)


The integration of Tezos would be mutually beneficial for the Brave and Tezos community/organization. As a forever Tezos citizen (eldm.tez) and avid dapp user it has the best blockchain ecosystem Imho.


I vote yes to integrate tezos! It’s a beautiful crypto


Definitely add Tezos! It’s a fast, efficient, highly scalable crypto and it’s the chain I chose when learning how to navigate web3. A beautiful chain with great tech and ease of entry to newcomers!


I’d like to see BAT within the Tezos ecosystem aswell as this wallet integration, you’ve got my support!


The ETH L2 ecosystem is a disaster. Filled with chains that can’t stay online, can’t avoid re-orgs, controlled by multi-sigs that have been shown to be untrustworthy setups. Tezos is fully decentralised + upgradable, and delivering on promises to scale

Tezos now supports WalletConnect v2, which should make it easier to integrate


Great browser but without Tezos support, I really don’t take it seriously enough to use for my daily workflow.


+1 Native support would really be appreciated and Brave has an appealing wallet experience

yes please, I second to adding Tezos <3

Adding Tezos to the Brave Wallet is not only good for Tezos users, but also for Brave as a platform. By offering support for Tezos, Brave can tap into the passionate and loyal Tezos community, who are always eager to embrace and promote platforms that support their favorite blockchain.

The Tezos community is known for its commitment to innovation and collaboration, and they are sure to show their appreciation for Brave’s support by spreading the word about the Brave Wallet and encouraging other users to try it out. This will not only increase awareness and adoption of the Brave Wallet, but also help to attract new users to the Brave platform more broadly.