Add Tab Sets manually


Currently, the Settings provides an option to change the number of tabs per tab set, so that the overflow into a new set is automatic. What does the community think about having a feature whereby one can have a button to manually add a tab set?

I personally felt this would help me segregate environments more effectively viz. have work-related communication tools viz.Asana, Slack, mail etc. in one tab set; reference material viz. StackOverflow links, Github links, blogs etc. in another; distracting personal stuff viz. Facebook, Twitter etc. in another tab set.

Looking forward to hearing some feedback on this. I’d love to contribute on this feature, if there is enough support.


When you say add tabset manually ,if the tabset is set at 20 and you add one more, you would be adding 20 empty tabs to the existing ones. Its a good idea but not sure how helpful it will be unless you have predefined pages set for a tabset.

cc: @alex @brad for thoughts


The behavior that I was thinking about would not add 20 empty tabs to the existing ones on adding a tab set; there could just be 1 tab in that tab set and a new tab set visible in the tab set navigation on top. Basically, the tab set does not need to be completely populated. I don’t know if that makes sense.

I hope I’m making sense.


Yes adding a single tab to the new tabset makes sense. But not sure if the tabset can by dynamically optimised. So set tab count at 20. Just have 3 tabs open and if you add a new tabset with one tab making total of 4 tabs, it would be difficult to handle 3 tabs in one set and 1 tab in another set.


Ahh, I see. Can you elaborate on what you mean when you say ‘dynamically optimized’? What is the current structure that makes it difficult to handle different number of tabs open in different tabsets?