Add Sync To Mobile


I can’t sync to my Phone so i get no Favourites/Bookmarks. Please Add This in the next update. Please Help


Hi @Bataling_Uncle,

Mobile Sync (Android, iOS) is being worked on by the team and will available in the future. No ETA so far. Thanks for your patience.



@eljuno thanks, as soon as you get a ETA please could you share it. Also will mobile be able to sync with PC?


Yes. There’ll be a cross device sync ability (mobile x pc). :slight_smile:


Cannot wait to have this update :heart_eyes:


I switched to Brave as soon as I learned of the project and I love it. So – thank you for the great work so far.
However – I am no developer so pardon me if this is offensive:confounded: but … what are your top priorities going forward?

Isn’t syncing the desktop version with the mobile version an essential feature that is usually present in Beta releases and often in Alpha - even in bad software?
I switched to Brave because I have come to hate Google products and Brave is the best (ethical) alternative. But most people have not reached my level of desperation.
Common sense dictates that omission of sync is a dealbreaker for the overwhelming majority of users – it might be for me, too, if, along with my zeal to avoid Google, I wasn’t a freelancer. I certainly couldn’t recommend corporate use of Brave to any employer so long as sync is lacking.
I downloaded the nightly Android Arm apk because it said in one of the threads that there would be the (experimental) ability to import passwords and bookmarks but I cannot find any such implementation (or any ability to sync with the desktop version).
Seriously, is sync a core feature or not? Because I sense no urgency whatsoever about implementing it.
Given the quality of the software, I wouldn’t second-guess except a) this seems really really really obvious and b) you’ve implemented some crazy extensions that absolutely nobody cares about having whereas there is no add-on or inbuilt facility for tab management (which I can live without if I must … but it does add to my unease regarding developers’ prorities.

Please don’t become another Google, ignoring what your users need to function productively in favor of cutesy new features that succeed in creating buzz but fail to fulfill needs.
Thank you for your consideration.


Sync for mobile is being worked on. I also believe it’s on priority list. :slight_smile:
Thanks for your patience.


My same exact thoughts. I’m surprised that this isn’t something completed in the Alpha build. Been waiting to add Brave as my default for months now…


**A month has passed by, no updates on sync? **

Btw latest version |Brave|0.22.810| is crashing constantly. Completely unusable on Win 10 and when it crashes it doesn’t remember the pages that were open


I’ve been testing Vivaldi. It took them until release 1.15 before sync was testable for general users. I’m not positive, but it might only be available through snapshot releases, not in stable (without tripping a flag or two, deeper in the options menus).

Brave is still technically in beta, I believe. I’m running version 0.22.810 (the zero in front suggests it’s still in beta), so not everything will work completely yet. We’re basically helping the company find issues and give suggestions for later functionality. It’s not ready to be a main, corporate piece of software.

Synching data is complicated and needs to be done securely. It’s not as easy as you might think.


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