Add "speed dial"?


I like the browser very much, as well as Link-bubble. Well done.

I had been used to a browser that had a “speed dial” landing page that had icons for all my frequently used sites. When i opened the browser the first thing I saw are icons -that I could label as I wanted-of all sites I hit every day. Any possibility Brave would incorporate that as a feature? It could be ‘switchable’ for those that don’t wish to use it.

Thank you for developing these apps.

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Thank you for developing this great browser from by heart

CC @serg for a comment.


@JED we are going to work on Home Page redesign very soon. We plan to have it customized. Thanks!


Good to see the Devs are so active :smiley: Keep it up, guys and gals. Amazing work!
I would love a speed dail on the desktop version! Whoohoo!


Whaaaat I love speed dials and this post was on my birthday, what a coincidence lmao


I totally agree. I love using speed dial


everytime I open FF, the first thing I see is speeddial; I will install Brave as soon as I close FF, I hope it has speeddial :slight_smile: it is the best, apart from fireGestures


Hi, can you please make a more customisable speed dial?
The home page is looking good as is but useless, we need to adjust the shortcuts and choose it ourself.
Can you make auto adjustable shortcut size to take the place under the time saved or same size but more row?
Can you also make, a hide bouton for speed dial icons ( I think for people who make presentations, like show/hide desktop icons).
The confirmation to delete a speed dial icon is annoying for me.
I like the design but the rigidness of your speed dial makes it unusable (for me at least), also a right click to change the background could be appreciable.

I hope you like my suggestions, forgive my English it is not my native language.


any news on this request ? I miss a speed dial


I think this is great idea. I would prefer this too on Brave.


Bump because I also would really like this type of home page. I’m not fond of the current one that shows all that has been blocked in huge characters. It offers me nothing of real value to my standard browsing.


Here’s the issue for tracking purpose


@Serg any update on this?


Sorry for the delay. We still haven’t started on that. We are working on critical features like sync right now, but we will be back.


hello, this does sound like a great idea to be on brave!
i really wish to see this come real :smiley:


Please add speed dial and make the ui interference different from chrome.
I have another request.
If you add download manager and vpn then it is going to be amazing.