Add sidebar hover delay option

New to Brave and liking it so far. I’ve set the sidebar to show on-hover because I generally like every square millimeter of screen real estate possible, so I want it hidden except when I need to use it.

The only problem with it right now is that if you just graze it it’ll pop open, which I do constantly by accident when using other sidebars in browser apps. I’d like to be able to add a custom delay in ms. that it opens after hovering the cursor over it, so it doesn’t insta-popup.

Is this doable?


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Re: link

The post is closed for replies so I had to create a new post.

I’m a software dev since ~1996 and know that adding a timed delay to something is pretty trivial; wondering why a user choose-able delay can’t be added to the sidebar so it doesn’t immediately pop up on mouse-over? There’s one added to it’s closing already.

Probably on average of at least 30-40x a day I accidentally mouse over the left sidebar and it immediately pops out, shifting the entire contents of the page, then I have to wait for that short delay for it to close.

Adding delay options in settings for the open and close delay (set to it’s current defaults on install) that users can adjust to their liking is the best solution. Might even be an added bonus if the sidebar flys out “over” the page content so as not to shift the entire page itself.

@J_Scott_Elblein Sad part is, even when this was closed, seems neither you or OP ever even thought to vote for it. It’s still sitting at 0 votes as I’m writing this, lol. While there’s no magic number of votes to make something happen, it does help in seeing how many people would like to see it happen. More who want something, the more likely they are to work on it.

Do you find that sad? Aww.

I was the OP. For those keen-eyed, the name is about 2 millimeters from the Vote button you just pointed out.

Here’s the thing; just like in the real world, for every 1 “squeaky wheel”, there is also a large X factor of unknowns who agree but are silent about it. Do you think every person with an opinion take the time to register here to post it, or just svck it up and hope someone out there will be the one to say something about it?

btw, what is a “Ninja” here? Is it just some one who posts often? Or are they part of the dev team?

Yep, stinks being human. Those moments when we just hurry along on things and can miss the things right in front of us. Still though, holds true about votes.

People are very opinionated and if they want something, they tend to voice it. We see it here daily. Obviously you can never make a claim for “every person” as you liked to loop into it.

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Nah. I mean, how active we are plays a role. But it’s about those of us who have been able to offer a lot of assistance to people. Unlike most other badges, it’s one that is manually given by Brave Support and isn’t something you can just automatically get or anything.

It’s basically a way of saying that we’ve been using Brave for years, have a decent amount of knowledge on issues, tend to offer accurate advice, etc.

It’s interesting that you’re self-aware of that phenomenon, but don’t also apply it to others as well. :wink:

ex: I did the same thing originally with that vote button.

And I suspect there are plenty of others on the forum that have done the same on other (or the same) posts in the past. It might have something to do with it being above the post itself instead of next to, or within it. Maybe also because there’s no “backboard” to the vote tally to make it stand out more to the eyes, but its easy to ignore due to banner blindness.

Ever hear the term “silent majority”?

Not every person is the same, and not everyone who has an opinion feels the need to make their opinion well known.

Where did I say I was claiming “every person”? Can you quote that part for me?

Re: the Ninja, did they also see how ya wasted a user’s time in my other post, where you already knew it was an issue for years, but gave a non-answer and I had to come back later to reply to it for the real answer? -50 Ninja points for you. :wink: