Add showing in notifications but Ad count still showing 0 for month

I was previously able to receive ads in notifications (and the count showed accurately on the Brave Rewards page), as well as the respective BAT for those ads. I haven’t checked the Brave Rewards page for a couple months, however, and now I am not seeing my previous rewards history. Furthermore, I realize that despite seeing ads this month, the Brave Rewards page still shows the ads view count as 0. I tried turning all the Rewards and Ads options off and force closing Brave and restarting my phone, but this has not solved the problem.

How can I get my previous ad revenue back and also have the ad notifications I am currently receiving count?

I am on Android 10 (Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus).
Version information is included in a screenshot since I cannot copy to clipboard from that page.


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currently there issue and they working on it

and have a nice day

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Has the fix been released? I’m going on 2 months with ads active, but rewards stopped. I still get ads on the homepage, no more popups. And BAT is stuck at 0.5 estimated for month. I sent a note into technical support - no response. Thanks.

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Hello @vettev for this issue in that topic yep it does around 2 weeks ago now

now for your issue
first make sure you running the latest version of brave
and answer the following

  1. did you ever get ads before ads here mean the notifications ads not the image in the new tab page ?
  2. did you checked this FAQ: Why am I not seeing Brave Ads?

the ads that you mention are the sponser image they show up in the new tab page calculated on the payment day only so they does not reflect in the estimated bat area why?! cause it’s value depend on the number of user who saw it and also if those who saw it from country that the advertiser want their ads to show for them but in the near future they will implement the option so people like us know when they saw a certain image if they will be part of value of it or not by showing it in the history

hope that help and have a nice day

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Thanks for the info @justsomeone1.
Yes - the browser is up to date.

Yes - I received both ads (pop-up about 5 times an hour), and BAT, prior to 45 - 60 days ago when things just stopped. I have been receiving BAT through Brave since February.

Here’s a screenshot of my rewards page:

you welcome @vettev

could you check that @tmancey

and have a nice day both of you

@vettev Hi! I work on the ads team here at Brave. Would you be willing to screen-share so I can help diagnose the cause of this issue? If so, can you please reach via Thanks

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Thanks @tmancey for the help in resolving this issue.

The fix for me: I run Brave on Windows 10, there is a setting called “Focus Assist” which blocks notifications. It seems either an update or screen-share settings activated Focus Assist and that blocked the BRAVE ads, thus the rewards.

To toggle this, go to:
Settings -> System -> Focus Assist

Select either “OFF” or “Priority Only” If selecting Priority Only, customize the priority list to include BRAVE.

Ads are back, and BAT is accumulating - hopefully just in time for some Alt-Season Madness… let’s go BAT!


Same problem. I also face

Hi, did the steps above resolve the issue for you? Thanks

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