Add Setting To Manage Cookies for Websites (Mobile)

For desktop, Brave is able have settings regarding whether to allow or disallow cookies to removing cookies on exit for your chosen websites.

It’s something that iOS (or mobile in general) should be able to have through the settings, as certain websites require cookies to be allowed for a faster experience, and in some cases theres websites that you may not want to allow any cookies for, due to the simple fact that they may not be privacy friendly.

As of now, the current version 1.45.2 doesn’t have it.
Example of cookie management settings on desktop:
Screenshot 2022-12-18 124607

Screenshot 2022-12-18 124626

The setting in mobile could be shown in two ways; when swiping the screen from right to left

or when pressing “Edit”

Otherwise the setting could be having a seperate setting, other than “Manage Website Data”