Add separators for better bookmark management

I was advised to post this again as a separate feature-request:

It would help a lot with organizing bookmarks if he had the option to add “separators” like in Firefox. It’s basically just a line we can create and then drag & drop it in between bookmarks in the bookmark manager. Sometimes bookmarks in the same bookmark folder belong to somewhat different groups still and it helps the overview if we can sort them a little more clearly this way.

Thanks for your continuous work for internet freedom and privacy. Best browser out there already.


Thank you for the kind words and for taking the time to port this into its own topic!


I agree! The option of adding bookmark separators in Firefox is kind of awesome. I do have a bookmark bar on top of my Brave browser. I would love to be able to put a tiny line between the different categories


That’s a fundamental request!
I’m between choose Vivaldi and Brave Browser, let’s see if community count as much as Vivaldi’s one and let’s see if this feature will be implemented!

P.S: Awesome browser!


I would also love to see this feature.


I’ve been using this site for ages… it never disappoints!
Try it out it does what you want I believe!

Seems like this feature has some popular demand.
Let’s hope they’re on it.
In the meantime, I’m using a workaround, maybe someone else finds this helpful:
I just add a new bookmark and I name it “-----------------------------------------” and enter “-” as the URL. This can be done multiple times if multiple separators are needed. Then I use this as a separator. Quite cumbersome but it works for now and we can hope it isn’t necessary for much longer.