Add separator line to my bookmarks lists

I have some bookmarks with music and other sites that are long and would like to add a separator to better group them. I would like to add a separator line for better viewing and organizing. I see they added separator lines in the hamburger list which makes it now look neater to the eye. Please make it a user feature to add separator lines in bookmark lists.

There’s already a request for this in the upstream project. You can Star and +1 it there, to show interest in it being fulfilled.

I think it’s unlikely to be done, because adding a new data structure would disrupt extensions which use the bookmarks API. But you can achieve a similar effect by creating a new bookmark with the following properties:

Name: “-----------------------------------”
URL: “about:blank”

The hamburger menu recently added the separator.

I found another topic here with a temporary solution:

Menus are specific user interface elements which understand what separators are, whereas Bookmark Lists are not. The best you can do is create a bookmark with a line as its title, which is what that page helps you do.