Add saved megabytes display to brave icon menu



I miss a function of the Opera browser. If the ad blocker is activated you will see the total saved megabytes.
It would be great to get this display on Brave too.



Could you share a screenshot of this feature. I do not see it on Opera.


Thank you for your fast answer.
I found out that Opera have this counter and settings, but I can’t find the display too.
But at Opera Mini you can see/try it.



This is for Android mobile correct?

cc: @Alexey @samartnik


Yes. It’s Android.



This would be neat to have just for informational purposes and I was coming here to see if there was an existing discussion for it.

Have you logged an issue for it here?


@sdtbluethink, thanks for the proposition.

There are technical and logical difficulties.
I think, to get the size in bytes of the blocked resource, we should send the request and receive the response.
For the only purpose of displaying, it seems expensive. Now we just block the request.

Another side - it is hard to get the exact information about all total blocked elements. For example, the shield had blocked request for the js file, but the js would pull some images if it would run. So without running of js we could not have the size of images.

I am not sure, how the Opera does that. Probably they are using own servers which get the complete page, do filtering and then send the filtered data and saved megabytes info back to the Opera browser. As a part of Opera Turbo technology.

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