"Add Qwant VIPrivacy to Brave" (says Qwant). Should I?

When I run a search using Qwant, I see “Add Qwant VIPrivacy to Brave” on every search results page.

Does Brave recommend this add-on?


Qwant VIP privacy is qwant search engine’s own extension.

The extension will make qwant as the default search engine for brave and add some privacy and ad-blocking feature on top of it.

It is mostly not needed, especially in case of brave browser. It is not recommend by brave or by brave team and will not be recommend by most of brave users.

There will be a option to disable the pop-up in qwant search engine settongs. If there is not, turn the brave adblcoker to aggressive mode (from orange shield icon) for qwant site or entire brave browser.

If it still does not solve it, then add some extra filter lists from brave://shields/filterlists.

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@chh_68 Thanks, re: the latter part of your reply, I already have Qwant as the default search engine in Brave, which was actually the primary reason for my post (i.e., what’s the advantage of adding the extension?)

If I understand you correctly, the extension would just add privacy/ad blocking that would be redundant in Brave (because Brave already has those built-in).

That’s what I would have assumed, but wondered why then Qwant – which must be aware of that – would recommend it – i.e., an extension especially designed to be used with Brave.


It might think you are on chrome, as brave has the same user agent as chrome. Even if it did know that you are on brave, it would still recommned it since the extension would have made sure that you would keep using Qwant on brave. The reasoning is like this that as user you are somewhat sure to use the default search engine on a browser, the same way with the extension enabled you are sure to use their search engine unless and until you remove it.

Not needed at all, we block far more trackers without needing another extension. (like privacy Badger etc). Adding more privacy extensions could cause false positives with websites and increase more resource usage.


> Adding more privacy extensions could cause false positives with websites…

Thanks @fanboynz, that was precisely my main concern.

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