Add preference option to disable swiping for history navigation


macOS High Sierra 10.13.2
Brave version: 0.19.123

I use a touchpad instead of a mouse for most of my interactions with the Brave browser. I have noticed very often that when I horizontal scroll, swipe right, the page will navigate to back to the previous page. I know some people may like this feature, but I am not one of those people. I use other methods for history navigation.

Thankfully, so far, I have not lost information in forms and other activities on pages that I inadvertently navigated away from by swiping too far right. It has mostly been a nuisance so far.

It would really be nice if there was an option in Preferences to turn this feature off. I looked in Preferences before I posted this to make sure there was not already an option, I did not see one.



Does nobody else consider this a problem? I run into this all the time. Horizontally scrolling and the browser decides that I am trying to navigate my history instead of just scrolling.


Haha! I just noticed this feature request from last year: Navigate between pages via swipes

Obviously some people like the feature. That is cool, I just want the option to turn it off.


I decided to go into the Trackpad preferences and switch my “Swipe between pages” preference. This is fixed the issue for me thus far.

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