Add Payout Reduced By Half with v1.21.77

I’m on the 1.21.77 version of brave for the latest MacOS . I’ve noticed that I used to get .01 BAT for any ads that pops up. Then, if i click the advertisement I would get an additional .01 BAT. This new version that i just installed yesterday, version 1.21.77, I have verified that i only get the first .01 BAT from the ad popping up, however, I no longer get the second payout if i actually click on an advertisement. This makes me believe that I no longer have any vested interest in pursuing any ads that pop up on my screen. Like Google’s ads when performing a search, i literally try not to click on the link of a site i’m trying to navigate too if it has the ads reference with the link, since usually the next link below is the legit web link, not a click-thru advertisement supporting Google search engine.

Is this a design change or an issue? I have verified this is happening on Windows and the MacOS, same brave version on both systems.

don’t know what to say dude, never worked like that for me in the +7 months I have been using brave rewards :thinking:

Just gonna wait till the next update, see if what i heard will fix some of these issues. Was just curious if others experienced something similar to this.

Ive been using brave for quite some time now. I’ve never received BAT for clicking on ads.

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