Add p2p websites "DAT"

Add p2p websites

It would be nice to support the dat protocol: //
Dat is a p2p web protocol, would it be possible to add it?
dat: //
Thank you


That’ll be interesting.
I hope they’ll add it.
Maybe if more people like this topic then the devs would consider it

From a quick look, some relevant links for the DAT: protocol:

I can’t see Brave focusing on this as a priority right now (unless you know someone who wants to code it up for them as a project?), but DAT is apparently backed by Mozilla so it may take off in which case Brave would probably add it eventually…

(Just to be clear I don’t work for Brave, so this is just me speculating.)

Hi @Jamesjon @Jaysds1 @_Tim,

Apologies for late response. Maybe this one can help answer your question


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