ADD or WITHDRAW options are not available

I’m encountering an issue with my Brave Rewards where the ADD or WITHDRAW options are not available. Despite having a verified Uphold wallet connected to Brave and a BAT balance of 84, I’m unable to find any options to withdraw my rewards. This is quite frustrating, and I would appreciate assistance in resolving this matter.

There are no such things as Add or Withdraw options in Rewards. You earn your Rewards, such as you see the Earnings so far on the top right of your screenshot`, and then it pays to your Uphold each month.

So on what you’re sharing, you have 84.500 BAT in Uphold. If you want to withdraw or do anything with that, you’d need to go to your Uphold account and do whatever you want there. The only thing you can do from within the Rewards is tip someone if you visit a site of someone who is verified and you want to tip. That’s it.

Came here to say the same thing — Add / Withdraw used to be included in the UI but proved to be redundant. @Saoiray is correct here.

That is my issue here I don’t see any BAT on my Uphold wallet, please see attached file.
hope I can fined answer thank you

Are you signed into the same Uphold account that you have linked to your Rewards? You can ensure this is the case by opening the Rewards panel, clicking on where it says Connected, then Go to my Uphold account.

Yes, I just recently connect my uphold wallet because i just made this wallet 3 or more moths ago and connect it into Brave at the same time so, I already wait more that 3 months to see the balance on the Uphold wallet and nothing still zero…

Please respond to the DM I just sent you.

Thank you

I cant rely understand why my other balance are not in the uphold wallet, while i just have the recent payout on it please i need help…

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