Add Optional Fields to Passwords

Many password managers (LastPass is the most recent one I have used) include optional fields in the password setup. For example, American Airlines ( requires Last Name as well as userid and password.

Please consider adding optional fields to Password Manager which would fill the login dialog automatically.


These optional fields would fall under the Addresses and more section of the built-in autofill feature. It will hold information like addresses, first/last names, etc.

I don’t think you understand my request. Let me clarify.

Right now Password Manager only allows me to maintain two fields, Userid and Password. Many apps require other fields to be completed in order to log in, for example Last Name in the example I cited.

I’m requesting that optional fields be allowed in Password Manager. These fields would be named with the field name on the app’s login screen (for example, “Last Name” on, and the field value would then be captured by Brave and/or entered manually by updating the Password Manager entry for

I would add a screen-shot from LastPass but I don’t see any way to include an attachment or an image to this post. Someone please advise me if that can be done.

Thanks, Geoff

You can simply copy&paste an image or a screenshot into the post.

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Click on .

That will allow to attach an image. I hope that helps!

Here is the example from LastPass. Thanks to those who helped.