Add option for links opened in New Tab to switch to that tab, and add Background Tab button


Currently, in Brave on iOS, links that are opened in a new tab open in a “background” tab, and you must manually click on that tab to switch to it.

This should be changed - when you open a link in a new tab, that tab should automatically be switched to.

There should also be an option to not switch to the tab, and instead, open the link in a background tab. This way, we can choose whether we want to open the link immediately or in the background.

I commonly see this on other iOS browsers and it would be amazing if this functionality also came to Brave.

To summarize:

  • Change currently functionality so that the Open Link In New Tab button automatically switches to that tab
  • Add Open Link In Background Tab button, which has the functionality that the current button does

Thank you!


Bump… any thoughts on this?


Why is this being ignored?


Here to roll call this feature request. It would be great to have new tabs auto-focus. Or at least offer a setting on the behavior.
Giving a background tab option on a long press, as the OP says, would be a good addition as well


Sorry for the massive delay, thanks for bumping it again.

This behavior is scheduled to change in Brave iOS 1.7, we have a few small releases happening on 1.6.X, but will be improving this when we move to 1.7!

Thanks for the suggestion!


Whether a new tab is created by Cmd-click, right click “Open Link in New Tab”, or Cmd-T, it should (or have the option to) open and make the new tab “active” (brought to the front).

Is this feature scheduled to be added to desktop Brave?

I’m a bit confused about this forum. I see many references to Brave for iOS and such. Isn’t there separate forums for desktop, mobile, etc.? Or are we lumping all requests together here?



Hi @iXod,

What Brave version that you use? If 0.25.x, then you may want to check Preferences > Tabs. There’s an option to switch to the new tab immediately.

Already replied to your other thread.


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