Add option for links opened in New Tab to switch to that tab, and add Background Tab button


Currently, in Brave on iOS, links that are opened in a new tab open in a “background” tab, and you must manually click on that tab to switch to it.

This should be changed - when you open a link in a new tab, that tab should automatically be switched to.

There should also be an option to not switch to the tab, and instead, open the link in a background tab. This way, we can choose whether we want to open the link immediately or in the background.

I commonly see this on other iOS browsers and it would be amazing if this functionality also came to Brave.

To summarize:

  • Change currently functionality so that the Open Link In New Tab button automatically switches to that tab
  • Add Open Link In Background Tab button, which has the functionality that the current button does

Thank you!


Bump… any thoughts on this?


Why is this being ignored?