Add OpenSearch support, Add search bar search engine suggestion



In Chrome, when you type in a site and press TAB, you can search within the site.

That feature is supported by OpenSearch:

As of now, Brave does not have that feature, which is a really pain in the ass.
It’s just parsing a XML, it’s very easy to implement,

In Chrome, when you type directly in the search bar in regular words, not URL, the search bar automatically suggest possible options retrieved from the search engine.

Instead in Brave, Brave only suggest things from the history, which is OK, but not as convenient as Chrome.

I use these two features a lot in Chrome, I am just too lazy to type, and Brave isn’t making it easy, sometimes I switch back to Chrome for this.


Hi @loltyler1,

For #1, there’s request logged for this. Added your comment as +1 and you can track the progress here:

Duplicate of Implement the Open Search client specification (like Chromium's "Tab to Search" feature).

And for #2, did you tried with this setting enabled in Preferences > Search? I’m not sure about how it working in Chrome, but I think it’s maybe similar.



Oh, yeah, someone has definitely thought of that.

It works! Thanks. I assumed such a useful feature would be turned on by default.

Firefox and Chrome have this on default, it’s what people are used to, consider make it on by default?


Thanks for the feedback @loltyler1,

I’ll forward your suggestion regarding to #2 to the team. :slight_smile:
Feel free to open a new thread (after searching for the existing one) if you have another request or bug report.


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