Add more top site tiles to the Home page of the desktop browser

I was just coming here to ask for this request. Please add more tiles. I would also like to add RSS feeds. The only reason I keep Yahoo’s home page is the RSS feeds.

Like Karen954 and others, I too, was wanting to add to the request of adding more tiles under’Favorites’. I’m new to Brave and really like what I see. My environment is a 12.9” iPad Pro. My first look at Brave, after installation, was of course the home screen and my initial reaction was - those tiles are huge in size and very disproportionate to the size of the font for the label under the tile.

I would just like to offer that under iOS 13 the Safari home page or ‘Favorites’ tab has really reduced the size of the tiles allowing for more sites to be added. Hopefully Brave will do something at least equal to or better and add the RSS feeds.

I fully agree with this. I visit more than 6 sites regularly, and being able to simply expand the amount of websites on there would be great. Even to 8 would be a start, although I’d prefer at least 12. Ideally, one should be able to set any multiple of fours.


Yes please, 6 just isn’t enough.

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Hi All,

For everyone out there reading this,… I have signed into the forums just to post this same topic, I’m also in favor to have a CUSTOM amount of top sites from the home page… someone is saying this feature has been requested 2 yrs back and still nothing ??

Please keep me posted.

Best regards.

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I would like more than six as well, 12 would be good, 18 even better.

I think one of the problems the Brave team might have in doing that is with a second or third row, or even expanding the current row, the nice background images that come up sort of get destroyed.

I wonder if it is possible to layer and offset a second and third row behind the first so that these additional tiles are accessible but don’t take much more space away from the background image than the current 6-tile area.

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I also think that when we close the pictures, this page should be black or white, depending on the theme we use.

I added the extension Infinite Dashboard and it solved the problem.

It has now been reduced to 5…? Come on. I need at least 8.

So what is the status of this exactly? I notice that there’s a ton of support for what is finally SUCH an absolutely fundamental part of a browser… and yet? Is this EVER going to see the light of day? It would seem to be supported now on iOS (I’m on Linux and refuse to own anything made by Apple).

I tried and quickly uninstalled a few of the dashboard extensions on offer in the store, included one mentioned above (Chinese or Korean or something. NO THANKS!). Either it’s impossible to use my preferred search engine, or they insist on some other setting which cannot be changed.

WHY??? is it apparently SO difficult to implement this years (YEARS!) after it’s been requested?

I am having to think seriously about dumping Brave entirely and coming back when it’s at about version 11 such that some of the basic bugs will have been ironed out, and it might actually work like a proper, modern, fully-featured browser.

Yes this, or a graphical favorites page (configurable) with icons for your links. Why limit the amount of tiles…let the user setup as many as they want!

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Im using this extension,

It does exactly what I want it to do and is highly customizable. This has been a good workaround while Brave gets this dialed in. I’d like to see something to that degree come natively to Brave so I can ditch the extension.

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Use “IGHOME” for RSS instead. Much more flexible

Just let us customize the new tab site more?

Let us add widgets, change the amount of websites shown etc…

I can’t believe we can’t even move existing widgets…

Why is it so limited?