Add Mobile bookmarks link to bookmark bar

With some struggle I’ve managed to get Brave bookmark syn working. I’m now able to access my mobile bookmarks from my Windows PC.
However, in order to access my Mobile bookmarks I first have to go to Brave’s bookmark manager and then I can access the folder ‘Mobile bookmarks’. This is a bit of a long route to click through.
Is there a method to get the Mobile Bookmark folder on my bookmark bar?

I already tried dragging from the bookmark manager to the bookmark bar, but no luck. Other folders I can drag to the bookmark bar, but not the one with mobile bookmarks.

Any help is appreciated,



Sync doesn’t do that. AAMOF, overtime having sync on all the time with desktop and mobile, your going to get wierd behavior and a messed up bookmarks… The short term, you’ll see desktop create the mobile bookmarks folder on the same level as bookmarks but later to disappear completely. At the same time you’ll see bookmarks in your mobile disappear… possibly all totally disappear… You’ll then see your bookmarks in desktop suddenly get duplicate bookmarks… ie. you originally had 10 bookmarks, all of a sudden you’ll have 20, maybe more depending on how many devices you have on the chain… sync v2 was supposed fix the borkage of sync v1, but it looks like the same issues persist… Between a source and a brand new brave install on another device sync works great, but after sync is done it’s better to then delete the chain, and sync manually…

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