Add macOS Continuity & Handoff


As a multi-Apple device user, I have become used to picking up on one device where I left off on another. When using Brave on a desktop, I would expect to be able to continue reading in, say, Safari on my iPhone.

Adding handoff to Brave on macOS would allow this, and would also link into universal clipboard (see here). If you are wondering, this isn’t app-specific: jumping between Brave on Mac and Safari on iOS should be possible (at least, it works for Vivaldi).


Sync is landing in the near future which will help with bookmarks, but the idea of having a solid handoff between desktop and mobile is intriguing!


Thanks Alex. If you know how handoff works across Mac & iOS apps, you see what I have in mind; it doesn’t depend on having sync in place, since, as I mentioned, Vivaldi doesn’t even have an iOS app… I presume all the APIs are in place on Apple’s OSes and that it is relatively trivial to set up?


Sync works great but having this feature would be a blast! (And also make Brave a macOS 1st-class citizen)


Agree that this is crucial feature to better compete with Safari. I’m surprised how few third-party browsers have implemented this amazing feature.


Not sure if this is Brave or a benefit of Chromium, but I’m very happy to see handoff now working in the new 55.x builds! :star_struck:


55.x? I’m on 0.25.2 – or are you talking about the iOS version?


0.55.x is the Beta build of brave-core. v1.0 that will replace the current Brave (0.25.2).