Add Hotkeys for common CSS Manipulation


I think every person on the internet can agree that modals have become the most abused web design choice since the advent of the javascript popup, and that becomes even worse when web pages decide to hide their overflow as well.

I’m coming from a browser where I used uBlock origin, which allowed you to actually click on different elements, similar to the dev console, to grab their css selectors which was a very efficient way to get rid of obnoxiously placed ads, modal windows, etc. On brave I have to right click , decide if the css selector looks right, examine the markup sometimes, clear css if it failed, etc.

So the feature I would like to request is a hot key to do a block element operation based on something like mouse position/click/highlight. Something like shift-alt-x to just wipe out whatever css selector would be displayed if i went through the process of right clicking and blocking. Another hotkey, like shift-alt-z, would be nice to undo the css block in case i got it wrong,

Now this one might be more situational than the others, but it would be nice to have some sort of feature to make it easier to quickly change overflow:hidden css elements and stop pages from blocking you from scrolling. It’s an obnoxious anti-feature that many sites employ nowadays and I don’t think there is much out there at the moment that helps a user do this without hassle

Overall, I want to support websites my own way, and that way does not include signing up to a cooking site im using one time to check how long i need to bake a potato, or a blog site that i got linked to from reddit. I hope BAT can help us individuals reward good website design and punish bad design, but in the meantime css hotkeys would be a huge help.

Thanks for your reading, your browser is amazing and I hope it disrupts every middle man from here to china.