Add history to sidebar

I would like to see the ability to view history added to the sidebar.
In the current Brave browser, the only way to view history is to select it from the menu or use the Ctrl+H shortcut key.
Since I am a mouse user, these two are a hassle.
The Vivaldi browser has history in the side menu. That was very useful.
But now I am a Brave user. I wish Brave users could experience this useful feature.
Because Brave is the best browser.

So you technically can add History to the sidebar if you’d like, it’s just not super pretty. We have plans to include many common menus/settings within the browser as sidebar options the display nicely and match other sidebar icons aesthetically.

That said, if you’re just looking to quickly open the History page without much hassle:

  1. In the browser, go to brave://history
  2. Open the sidebar and click the + sybmol
  3. Click history

Boom — history sidebar option. Again, the icon will look a little wonky compared to others used, but this should do the trick:

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it’s not in sidebar, it just open history tab, we want that tab be like in firefox or vivaldi when you use Ctrl+H