Add Funds on New Brave

There might need to be a fast update with the address’s when you go to add funds to your brave wallet in the new 0.55 chromium version.

When adding BAT or ETH, the address showing cuts off the last digit of the address. This can cause some confusion when sending assets due to missing that 1 character.

It is there, but you need to scroll over to get it.


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cc @Mattches @sriram

Hi @oddstocktrader,
We’re currently working on new “add funds” dialog options and plan to release this as soon as we can. This issue is highly likely to be resolved once it’s released so be on the lookout for that update.
Thank you for reporting and let me know if you have any other questions regarding this issue.

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Sounds good! Thanks!

Can probably close this topic if you would like as well.