Add functionality to Bookmarks


Please add functionality to import bookmarks, to manage bookmarks with tags, create folder, sub folder, to move them around, etc.
Not having this ability is a huge obstacle for me in using Brave browser.
(I’m sure I’m not the first one to request or mention this)


Hi @dopplerzine,
Is this for desktop or mobile (Android or iOS)?

Brave on desktop does have Import functionality.

  • Hamburger menu > Bookmarks > Import Browser Data…

And does have all functionality that you mentioned. Except bookmarks tag.

Thank you,


It is for desktop. I wanted to import couple hundred bookmarks I had saved in Opera browser. The only option I found was to import them as .html file. It was a mess!
It said the bookmarks imported successfully(or something like that).
When I checked the bookmarks, I realized it didn’t import everything. It didn’t import the many folders and sub-folders I had created. It probably imported 30% - 40% of all the bookmarks I wanted to bring over. So it was disappointing.

Also, when I save a bookmark from within Brave, I don’t see the option to customize it, like you can do in other browsers.


Ah, thanks for the explanation @dopplerzine :slight_smile:
An issue logged for support to import browser data from Opera here

For your issue/s with bookmarks import, let me cc @Mattches and @LaurenWags

Can you elaborate more about this? Which customize options that not available in Brave?

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