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How do I add a file on my phone to the Home screen? On most web sites, if I click the 3 dots, there is an option to add to Home Screen. But if I open a file (html) saved on my phone and click the 3 dots, there is no option to add to home screen.


You mentioned your phone so I assume you’re referring to the Android version? If so, the three dots do have an “Add to Home Screen” option in the menu. It should be located under Find in Page

Thanks for the reply. Yes, it is on the Android version.

As I said in my original post, the “Add to Home Screen” option is there for most sites I go to (say a site from the web. for example, if I go to, I can add it to the home screen.

However, if I open a file on my phone (file:///storage/emulated/O/HTML/test.html), it will open the file, but there is no option to add that to the homescreen. This is what I want to do and can not figure out how to do it.


Oh I see now. Thanks for the clarification!
Give me a bit to look into this - I’ve never actually tried before!

I don’t believe that is possible. Since the file is actually on your device’s storage you can load it manually. So adding a shortcut on home would not make sense if the file is deleted. Then you would have a shortcut to a non-existent file. And on Mobile this isn’t handled.

Firefox allows you to add a local site to your Top Sites (which is essentially the equal to Braves Home Screen). If the file is deleted, I would just delete the Home Screen entry.

Not so sure about Firefox. Looping in @Serg /@Alexey to comment if its possible on Brave

Serb & Alexey, if it is not currently possible, is this a feature that could be added?

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