Add FAKE MODE to make your Google data useless

Sometimes you cannot avoid to login into some Google account.
For that brave could ad a FAKE-MODE.
When the FAKE-MODE is active, brave executes random Google-requests, random YouTube searches, random google-behavior at all. All happens in the background if possible OR you can set something like Start FAKE-MODE. Brave could for example record behavior of user X on a GoogleSite and repeat it for other users that are on the same GoogleSite… and so on…

In this case Google still has your data and behavior, but the data contains a lot of non specific data to you so your data profile at Google is messed up and is useless

@danzingCode not sure what you’re mentioning, but keep in mind Brave blocks third-party cookies and tracking. This means the only data Google would be getting is from whatever you do on their site.

Yes. But brave could do some actions that get tracked and saved to your account. For example same fake Google searches etc. In the background. So your searchbehavior will be manipulated

Not really.

I don’t know a nice way of saying this. That’s just dumb. Really, there’s a lot of reasons and ways why that is ridiculous.

Then just don’t use Google for it. There are other search engines and websites.

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…if you’re that concerned by Google tracking you or whatever the Hell, just use an alternate search engine like DuckDuckGo. What you’re recommending will do literally nothing useful.

Hello @danzingCode

not sure i understand you correctly but you can do the following

  1. use different provider for the same service that google provide like different email provider / different search engine and so on

  2. there some front end privacy for youtube so it will make you still check youtube without ads or tracking like there other frontend for other service and also for other social network like twitter and so on

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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@justsomeone1 they are basically requesting same thing as Add data poisoning

They want Brave to auto click on all links and perform random searches. So rather than blocking trackers and all, they want it to send lots of information to places, particularly Google.

So Brave would basically have an invisible background tab doing all sorts of searches on Google, YouTube, etc.

Having this bot doing random searches and/or clicking links would add random and false information onto whatever Google or other sites “collect” on you. At least that’s their theory.

But it also supposes Brave share your fingerprint and/or perform activities in your name (doing this stuff with your accounts logged in). There’s also the concern of it opening malware or any other number of problems occurring. Not to mention using data and device resources. Lastly, if implemented on a wide scale it could potentially be seen as an abuse, even similar to DDOS attacks, which would be a federal crime in the United States. This is because is could create undue burden on their servers which interferes with business.

Not quite.

It does not need to click all links, just occasionally.

We still want to block trackers and whatnot but “trackers” are not usually the way you are tracked across the web anymore. Browser fingerprinting is. This is almost completely unavoidable. Some browsers build in varying degrees of fingerprinting resistance, but if you look at, I don’t care what browser or features you use, there is still plenty of data to fingerprint and profile you. Disabling trackers only does so much.

You don’t need to be logged into any accounts.

Resources could be a problem if you’re running a Raspberry Pi, but it’s not trolling the web looking for ads to click, it just clicks them on occasion as you browse.

AdNauseum has been doing this for years, and while they certainly receive pushback from Google, being removed from the Web Store (that’s how you know it’s good), they are still around and have not been charged with fraud or any other crime, and haven’t brought down any servers.

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thanks @Saoiray for the explanation and i agree that would bring more issue than make benefit at least from my humble opinion

and have a nice day everyone :slight_smile: