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I use Evernote all the time and I keep having to switch back to chrome to clip things to it.

I see the Evernote integration topic but it’s closed as solved. Does that mean it is now available? I can’t find it in my browser…

Evernote Extention
Good "reader" extension

Not yet. There’s still an open issues on GitHub related to this integration. I think @sampson are working on this :slight_smile:

It closed because the request are tracked on GitHub

Thank you :slight_smile:


In relation to this topic as well as relating it to other extensions, I’m curious, couldn’t the original developers of the extensions help make their extensions function better in Brave? I mean why is it that no one is contacting the main developers, perhaps they can make it better in Brave.


I agree, and would love to see Evernote webclipper work with Brave. I miss it a lot.


As others have mentioned, I use the Evernote Clipper extensively. Currently I have to open up Chrome or Edge to clip a page or selected area to Evernote. I’m looking forward to being able to use Brave exclusively, but will need the Evernote extension before this can happen.
Thanks for all your efforts and looking forward to using Brave as my Go-To Browser.


Same, same here… Having to jump from Brave to Chrome non-stop in order to be able to use the Evernote clipper. I cannot make Brave my default browser until I can get use the Evernote clipper (which I use extensively for both personal and business clippings). Many, many thanks for your wonderfully “Brave” browser, as it stands (already) so fast at loading :slight_smile:


You can also force the installation of chrome extensions.

It won’t work with everything, but it’s worth a shot :slight_smile:


I’m sorry for late reply. Sure, the extension developer can help to integrating their extension into Brave. They can made a PR in GitHub. I saw bitwarden did it for the iOS and soon for the desktop version.


@Hassayampa_Slim @pkm @camriver @pteron I’ll leave this thread open and will inform you all once the extension is available in Brave.

Thank you,


please make it work asap.


I know, I find it extremely surprising that a couple of extensions that people haven’t asked for have been implemented more so than others that would be beneficial.

I’d argue that Evernote and SessionBuddy are more of a necessity similarly to the cryptographic password storing applications/extensions.

Firstly because they’re one of the first extension requested by a lot of users (I apologise for not being statestical)

Secondly, both extensions would have been beneficial from the beginning which the Brave team should have ascertained, one of them being that the current bookmarking feature isn’t appreciated by a lot of users (honestly not to sound disrespectful) efficient saving, storing, securing, managing and organising of websites, link, urls and bookmarks in general would been a great benefit to me personally because in the browser space where milliseconds are of great circumspect, literally minutes and seconds which are wasted on simply attempting to move the curser and changing each and every individual tab especially when you have dozens of tabs open just to check the star icon to bookmark can be taxing. Even more so taxing when you’re worried the browser is going to crash/freeze and you’ve got a dozen if not more tabs open and it eventually does crash.

The bit after my apology was a joke by the way and intentional error for any Americans reading - not an advance in anyway.


Hey @Numpty, I’m assuming the Brave team is taking some very calculated steps regarding these browser plugins, and I have no doubt they are carefully selecting these.

Remember, the browser itself is still under development and I’m sure they have their hands very full with that alone. :slight_smile:


Hi @murphy we’re in a consensus but it was related to the last updated which included the Honey extension which had 150 views and was my sort of way of humorously giving a dig considering it wasn’t even liked once.
I’m sure @chrisSB is absolutely elated. I’m so happy a Brave user can now purchase kitchen utensils at a discount. Just great. Couldn’t be more happy for you. I mean really.

On a better note, Alex explained it perfectly for me once on a topic I created.

'Nothing has been particularly decided on what will not be implemented, it’s really just a function of priority vs user signal & time/resources available.

In enabling a particular extension, there is some checking to make sure it doesn’t compromise user security or privacy.’


Evernote extension would make this browser even a better browser, lot of people definitely need that, including myself.Thanks for making a good free software and please make it better.


The team is working really hard to implement huge amount of APIs required to work extensions like Evernote. Honey was selected because it requires relatively a few amount of the APIs, which are also necessary for other extensions. Please let me make sure for the team that the extensions are picked up following a plan, not randomly.


Thanks for the reply @suguru and thanks for clearing the bit about the Honey extension, it really clarified a lot but also raised another question which is given that such an extension was less hard to implement which is also surprising because one would expect such a complex based extension to be more difficult, nevertheless, why is it that other more simpler extensions such as editing based extensions like print edits weren’t added along side Honey or even before that?

Please don’t think I’m intentionally going of topic it is slightly related - will the backlogs be apprehended before 1.0.0 so before 0.22.x or after?
I mention this because because I honestly think it’s quite amazing how rapidly and efficiently the team progress whenever I view the milestone, perhaps it’s because I’ve never stuck to an open-source based product for so long but I noticed an ‘Extension API:’ issue in the backlogs, so I was wondering is that a mistake.

One final point regarding the Honey extension, a UK based version of a similar extension is trying to get in touch with you here Pouch Chrome Extension - Online Saving Tool

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