Add data poisoning

Would love to see a data poisoning option, similar to the Ad Nauseum browser extension.

It seems to me that what is far easier than trying to hide your browser activity and online profile, is to fill that profile with a bunch of junk information. This costs advertisers money and obfuscates your online activity.

Also this could totally be cross-platform but I didn’t see an option for that…

That doesn’t make sense. The best ad profile is that which is never created. Not leaving a trail obfuscates my online activity. Why should I use my connection and IP address to fill someones database with whatever? Some ideas are just nuts. :roll_eyes:

It makes perfect sense if you know absolutely anything about data mining.

Your profile is made up of much much more than just your “connection and IP address”. Defeating browser fingerprinting entirely is nearly impossible. “Not leaving a trail” is not realistic. However, poisoning that trail with erroneous data is fairly trivial.

Some replies are just ignorant.

Fine. If you want to download all kinds of weird stuff in the background to “poison” your trail, you can just use the extension you mentioned, but I vote against bloat like that being included in Brave.