Add clock to titlebar in Windows


Sorry if this has already been requested (I couldn’t find it).

In Chrome I used a (complicated) add-on to show the time in the titlebar. Displaying the time on the bar (top right, near extensions icons) would be pleasing (not a deal breaker or anything). Even a little analogue clock extension-icon showing the current time would be acceptable. #FirstWorldProblems


Hi there,

Do you remember which extension it was? Thanks!


Just a Clock - the Hours
Just a Clock - the Minutes

Both need to be installed: One shows hours; the other minutes (nice if it could be in one extension-icon/tile).

Similar to the developer, I use the browser for long periods but I have the OS task-bar minimized so I can’t glance at the time. This extension fixed that problem.

(P.S: Even though I’ve been using Brave for a while now I still look up at the top-right of the browser window for the time - old habits die hard)