Add Channel, Website IS HTTPS

My web host says they have confirmed it is redirecting perfectly fine. is the site. The add channel will not let me proceed until it verifies https which it is so I don’t know what else I can do…

Place a Trusted File into your Domain

Your domain is NOT using HTTPS.Uh oh! Your domain is NOT using HTTPS. You will need to fix that before continuing.

Strangely the browser also says that page is missing but loads it just fine…

The below is just a small rant unrelated to your issue. Just kind of got shocked when I saw how bad that site is on ads & trackers compared to most sites…

Holy crap. You have that trying to plaster ads/trackers on a regular.



At least Brave breaks it down a bit differently, yet still crappy.


Yeah, I’m seeing that too. Going to tag in @fanboynz to see if he might know what might be going on there.

It’s currently the weekend, so not sure that there’s anyone around that will be able to immediately assist with that. One of the things I’d suggest is perhaps to submit a Creators Support Ticket at so that’s in for anyone to assist.

Beyond that, I’ll tag in @steeven to see if he can help you with that when he gets back. If the system assigns you a ticket number when you do that support ticket, do share that ticket number here. I’m not sure if they have it set up to give ticket numbers for Creators at this time.

Geez, I have no ads, no anything, except google and some wordpress plugins. I will try to see what is causing that. & no issues here.

As a reference,

merci beaucoup! :star:

Thank you for the info about my site, I have deleted or deactivated most of my plugins, that must be how tracking was getting through.

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Well, at least not as many attempts and trackers right now. On Brave side, it’s like 10 instead of the 25+.


On Chrome with uBlock Origin it went from 300+ to about 15-20.


I tried clicking where it provides more details so you can see what it’s primarily getting. I’d say was a substantial improvement on numbers.

Bulk of everything else remaining is just Google doing its thing. Seems like it’s all related to Google Ads, YouTube, etc. Numbers can still grow if it just sits there because Google will keep trying to access and blockers keep denying. But yeah, huge difference (^_^)

It loads trackers as you scroll down, it should be around the same.

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That resolved it completely, just deleting the wordpress pugins, now the site is able to be added. Thank you so much!

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