Add bookmarks menu

You should add bookmarks menu to the left of address bar and move here bookmarks, history, downloads and recent bookmarks list. It will be something like library in firefox.

the extension in the chrmestore called Bookmarks Sidebar is truely awesome check it out…its Modern its out of the way yet fully accesible you can backup bookmarks change rename blah blah…my favorite. I hate having a bookmarks bar that just takes up more screen space…

I don’t want to use extensions because they are often spying on you.

Understandable but the browsers bookmark menu isn’t an encrypted feature so unless you lock it down with a 3rd party extension that does so or run a VPN or use a Antivirus browser extension that does that the bookmarks are still vulnerable and hackable …and besides unless you take a week to go through all the windows hidden settings registry and eliminating Microsoft and google completely you are being spied on.