Add binance wallet to withdraw bat token

Binance is a very popular crypto exchange platform. It is available in most of the countries.
But uphold and gemini is very limited.
In my country both are blocked.
I can’t withdraw my bat tocken.
Please add Binance.

YEEEES!!! Please!!!


Without a doubt, integrating Binance would be the best option when it comes to withdrawing our rewards.
Besides that Binance has recognition and experience in the crypto world.
Like me, I think the entire community would wholeheartedly appreciate such an integration.


Yes. I am agree with you.


up this… yes for binance


yes. we need Binance wallet.



Brave tried to do partnership with Binance before and the result of that is the Binance Card on the new tab page (you may have to toggle it on to see).

However, I think it didn’t work out regarding withdrawing BAT to Binance wallet. May be @brian can give an update.

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We want binance for withdraw bat token.


@Aman_M they are referencing Brave Rewards to be paid out to Binance, not just to have it attached for Brave Wallet. I’m wanting to say it doesn’t work because Binance isn’t a custodial wallet. I know they started Binance Custody but that was more for business and large amounts. Otherwise it was a pure hot wallet that needed to be linked to other things, such as Trustology or a non-custodial wallet like Trustwallet.

But then there’s the legal questions and issues surrounding Binance, such as you can see at or even

Kind of highlighting some of the above and a little additional, also is

@Fahim1 A lot of it is as I mentioned above. What happens is companies like Uphold or Gemini have agreed to partner with Brave. What we earn in Brave Rewards is actually called Virtual Basic Attention Token, or vBAT for short. These are like customer reward points, similar to that of frequent flyer miles, that we get from using Brave and allowing them to serve us with ads. Cooperating businesses like Uphold/Gemini accept those points and then convert them to Basic Attention Token (BAT).

In order for that conversion to happen, they need a money transmitter license AND they have to comply with KYC/AML. Originally Brave was even trying to figure out how to do this themselves with Brave Wallet or to have decentralized through THEMIS, which you can see discussion of at

But recently it was shared that THEMIS is out of the question. To quote the CEO of Brave:

Themis => decentralized ad buyer performance verification. Doesn’t help with compliance, nothing does. LN doesn’t help, nodes must be licensed MSBs or MTLs which means they will have to KYC for AML and sanctions :frowning:


is not nice, binance is cool!

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