Add an option for the bookmark list to not close when deleting a single bookmark

Basically what the summary sais.
I would like the bookmarks list to stay on after deleting a single bookmark.

… or moving a single item to a new location!! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi DanielVN, I am greatly looking forward to this issue being dealt with asap too.

In Junes 2023 I posted the following reply to: Persist bookmark toolbar view when dragging/dropping bookmarks
“Thank you for posting this request greenthread!
This behavior has been driving me crazy too.
Although what I am experiencing seems a bit different.
No matter if I relocate a single bookmark or folder within the main view list, or drag one from or to different folders, the entire bookmark view disappears in every instance once the drag is complete.
Brave powers that Be… please make it so the Bookmark list drop down menu view stays visible, after any rearrangements, until we manually close it or click on a bookmark to open it. Or, please advise me if I am ignorant to a setting that controls this feature.
Brave has become my favorite browser and I appreciate it’s availability. However, it seems odd that this historically common feature behavior is not a part of the experience like it is with many of the other browsers out there.
Thank you for listening!”

I am very surprised there aren’t more posts regarding this.
We need to keep bugging the Devs (somehow) to take care of this for all Brave users! Anybody have any suggestions?