Add all open tabs to bookmarks as new folder


Need to be able to add all open tabs to bookmarks by right click on tab in tab bar or click of bookmark icon

  • C. A listing of:

    • i. WIndows 10/ Android OS
    • ii. brave 0.22.810
  • D. Detailed step-by-step instructions of how you came across the issue.

    • i. Open more than one tab navigated to links
    • ii. right click on one of the tab in the tab bar
    • iii. need to have add all open tabs to bookmark as new folder (default to current date + current tab title) as default folder name


Thanks for the feedback @vairam.svs!

An issue logged for this. I added your +1 to the issue which can be tracked here

And likely, it’ll be added in Brave 1.0 – chromium fork that come later this year.