Add affiliate tag to url address instead of link

I have a website, he participates in the program of the brave. I have an affiliate link, but I can’t fully use it.

I can only add a link to the browser installation on the brave site, but if I give the user a link to the bat site, then it will not be an affiliate, and when the user goes to the bat site, he will see a link to install the brave and this setup will not add rewards to me, although I tried to call the user.

such a sentence.
make for each partner a directory with a unique ID for each user or site. and you can redirect, insert the link id in url address, for example or and redirect redirect user to pages and, and send the user to any resource from the ecosystem of the bath. for example on a baht site or on a brave site. and if the user clicks on such a link and installs a browser, the partner will receive a reward.

Hi there, thanks for your suggestions :slight_smile:

You should be copying the referral link that the publishers dashboard generates for you. Each referral link has a 6-digit code associated with it (this serves the purpose of the unique ID you mentioned). As long as people go to that link to download Brave you’ll gain referrals.

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I know it. thanks for the answer. but if on my site I say that the user would be well acquainted with the bat tokens and give a link to the bat site, then the user will go to this site, he will first see the download button for the brave and download and learn about the bat, but I won’t get the reward because there is no referral link for the website bat and it’s not profitable for me to tell the user that he would go to the website bat.

for example, you can do the same, if a user goes to a first-time site of the ecosystem for the brave, but does so from a site that participates in the program, and installs a browser, the site owner will receive a reward.

and then there is no need to put referral links to the site if there is no desire, but the transfer from the partner’s site will add to the partner

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