Add ability to add notes to Brave Payments sites



I would like the ability to add short notes to specific sites in my Brave Payments list. For example, a small notepad icon in the same row as the site which would open a small box to write a note.

Reason: there may be times I temporarily disable sites for payments, and the note reminds me why.

Example: I regularly browse a newspaper/magazine site. If I purchase a premium subscription for them, causing ad removal and unlocking premium content, I want to redirect those BAT funds to other sites I am not actively paying for. If I choose to not renew my premium subscription then I can later re-enable the site for payments. Small notes allow me to organize why I have specifically enabled or disabled sites for payment.

Alternatives could include payment categorization options or ability to temporarily disable sites for payment (e.g. “exclude from next x contributions”).

Thank you!

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