Add ability to add firefox extensions

Hello Brave Community,

I just got to know a very nice new internet browser. It’s still a public beta but it’s very promising. It is called ORION but is currently only ported to macOS, iOS, ipadOS. It is based on the webkit and includes support for Chrome (Chromium) and Firefox extensions.

What Brave lacks (in my opinion) is precisely support for Firefox extensions. Here I am throwing a bottle overboard with this feature request :slight_smile:

That’s weird, I’ve never heard of that. Is it technically possible? :thinking:

Which extension(s) in particular do you want?

It would be more compatible if the extension would support Chrome (and then Brave). Brave doesn’t touch extension api’s.

Yes, it is possible. No idea how to do it.

Orion browser is from the Kagi search engine team.

Currently, for brave it will be not possible, as brave does not mess around with extensions and just defaults to the chromium way.

In future maybe.

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for exemple “Download helper” :slight_smile:
because with downloadhelper chromium extension, we are not allowed to download youtube videos. While with the extension of Firefox it is possible

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