Add a simple screenshot feature


this is the reason why (I think) we need a browser based screen shotting tool

@Saoiray This is a great first step! It still lacks the scrollability in something like Microsoft Edge, where you can scroll up/down and left/right to get a bigger screenshot.

Forgive me, if I’m wrong. Ever since Windows 3.11 I have used the Prt Scr button to capture everything or Alt - Prt Scr for the uppermost window.

But I would be very happy with the same kind of screenshot rightclick option in Brave that I have in Firefox for a partial screenshot. The screenshot goes to the clipboard, from where I usually paste it to a Messenger discussion or a picture editor.

Much, much better than nothing, anyway. Let’s all vote for the right click!

I’m on Windows 11 Pro. Not sure if it’s a Windows 11 thing or what I did, but Prt Sc button actually grays out my screen a bit and lets me use my mouse to choose what to capture. Example of the process is below:


In terms of Brave, they still have the Screenshot option from the Share button on the URL, such as below:


But the problem is, it does a full page screenshot or whatever, like below:


I’m runnining Windows 10, no Win11 for this 10 year old workhorse. The graying window thing seems to be a Win11 thing, but I think it solves the problem for you? Then again I can capture parts of the browser window from the share button → screenshot. (Compartir esta página → Captura de pantalla) :smiley:

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@JJGonzales All Prt Scr does on Windows 11 is trigger Windows Snipping Tool. You can use Windows + Shift + S to do the same thing.

@Saoiray This discussion has nothing to do with the feature request. Should we move this to another thread?