Add a simple screenshot feature

Good looking out, worked for me.

I take snapshots all time, please make a shortcut button for the devtools steps. It shouldn’t be so hard.
Extensions, 3rd party tools might be unsafe, I prefer the builtin things like in Firefox, Edg, etc.

The extension I use right now has editing options. I gladly pay for it.

yeah but people like me using Linux finding difficult without this feature. And also am not comfortable using some thirdparty addon for this. some inbuild feature would be helpful


You are right, fast and easy

I’d prefer Edge like function. It is best, if you have tried. It also allows annotations on screeshots.

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I, and many others above, would like to see a simple screenshot feature added to Brave.

Yes, there are extensions that will provide screenshots to us. But, some of those extensions are not safe and should not be used because they are sharing our screenshots to others.

And yes, Windows 11 has a screenshot feature that will work by putting the shot on your clipboard if you turn it on in your settings as shown in the picture below. The user just has to hit the Print Screen Button on the keyboard to open a menu for the type of screenshot desired, click on the desired area, and then paste that clipboard picture into a document so it can be saved or printed.

We are using Brave because of its safety features. So, I certainly don’t want to add an extension that might not be safe.

And, the Windows 11 feature will work. But, I think a BRAVE browser screenshot feature would greatly improve the product. Please put a screenshot feature on your priority list.

Brave is very unlikely to work on one as Google is currently adding this functionality in Chrome.


Just to clarify, is the functionality being added to Chrome or Chromium? I ask because Chrome is another browser just like BRAVE and Firefox, while Chromium is the product used as part of BRAVE.

I am not sure if it has been added to Chromium as I do not use it, but the feature is present in the Release version of Chrome and in Nightly and Beta builds of Brave. The Screenshot Editor seems to be currently only available in the Canary build of Chrome.

I use Lightshot extension. I love it.
Something like that would be very welcome.

@LaurelValley , have you seen this? How to take part page screen capture - #5 by JimB1

It’s not perfect from a convenience perspective, but it works and is built-in already.