Add a simple screenshot feature

I’m afraid I disagree this. A browser should be lite and effective rather than a A bloated “Swiss Army Knife”. There is a plenty of ways to sreenshot in desktop OS. And as mentioned above, dev tool page of website is useful.


But that does not include a feature to scroll and expand the screenshot, while “Web Capture” in Microsoft Edge, does. Please try and bring such features here, too.

+1 on this, please add an option like in Opera


Capture entire page.
Capture visible area.
Capture selection.

That’s all.

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+1, that could be a very handy feature.

Feature exists. How to take part page screen capture - #5 by JimB1

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I’m on a Windows system.

Even when using Chrome based browsers that have a built in screenshot feature, I use this little program instead (and have it load at start up).

Very easy to use and can capture any window, or even an area not in one window like so:


Keep in mind that Windows 10 has something built-in for generic screen-shotting, as mentioned here: Add a simple screenshot feature - #18 by Annonymous


I guess it may vary from keyboard to keyboard. There is one keyboard (Adesso) where any combination of keys results in zilch, nada, nothing. But another one (Logitech) the ctrl +windows +s effectively results in a screenshot directed automatically on One Note. (I use windows 7) I had another one where alt+insert + shift resulted on a clipboard stored screenshot.

brave already has a built in screen shot in the inspector.

press F12 or right click > inspector on part of page, right click on the div/node there it is

there’s great 3rd party apps for this like greenshot for windows

I use ShareX so built in screenshots nots relevant for me

What I’d especially like, is being able to record GIFs. For example, sometimes I want to record ads I see on webpages; QuickTime is a little resource-intensive and creates huge files, I’d like to have a feature built-in to the browser where I can record a 15 second GIF of a page element, in addition to just a screenshot. I’m not aware of any other browser doing this (GIFs specifically)

That sounds like a job for something other than a browser, and it will necessarily be “resource intensive” no matter what.


+1. My OS is neither Mac nor Windows. External tools and browser extensions (I use Scrnli) do the job to some extent, but unlike Firefox, they are unable to select a part of the page automatically, e.g., an image, a table, a div section, etc.

The DevTools ‘node’ screenshot can do this, although it’s not as user-friendly; you have to first ‘inspect’ an element (right-click → Inspect) and then open DevTools, Ctrl+Shift+P, then capture node screenshot.

Might be good enough for some use cases.

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Good looking out, worked for me.

I take snapshots all time, please make a shortcut button for the devtools steps. It shouldn’t be so hard.
Extensions, 3rd party tools might be unsafe, I prefer the builtin things like in Firefox, Edg, etc.

The extension I use right now has editing options. I gladly pay for it.

yeah but people like me using Linux finding difficult without this feature. And also am not comfortable using some thirdparty addon for this. some inbuild feature would be helpful


You are right, fast and easy