Add a sidebar for extensions

Add firefox-like sidebar, so extensions like bitwarden can go to sidebar, just like they do in firefox. screenshot from google

I think this would be really useful. Right now the sidebar is pretty much just another bookmarks bar. Adding this, and a mobile view of sites like there is in edge would make it much more useful.

I’m going to go ahead and bump this. I concur with fingolfin, the sidebar can be so much more. I’ve seen more grandiose requests (app widgets), but I imagine if bookmarks can be moved from top-to-side, so could extensions :upside_down_face:.

This could be a very enticing feature for users who have incredibly compartmentalized browsing experiences. I envision a “workspace layout save” that’d allow people who do banking in the morning to have their very niche extensions at the ready in their sidebar when they swap profiles (and was going to say, webscraping/data gathering or collab work in the afternoon, then their late night YT binge workspace w/ a sidebar of ext. like adblocker, dark reader, etc.)

Edit: Going to bump the bump because I love this feature for myself and I just have extensions for shopping vs. reading vs. work.

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