Add a REPEAT TRACK option for music/video content

Hi Brave developers, I’m a big fan of the “background video playback” feature on the Brave browser on Android and iOS. I want to request to have a “repeat” option so that the user could have the streaming video or audio content repeat automatically in a loop when the track reaches the end.

One of the reasons why I want this feature is because I enjoy listening to music from videos on various websites but some songs are like 5 to 15 minutes long and it would be great if the Brave browser could automatically replay the content again instead of me having to manually press the play button again when the song reaches the end.

I noticed that the Brave music controls on the lock screen allows the user to play or pause, skip the track forward or backwards, or jump forward or backwards 10 seconds on the track… so I think it would be very possible to have the audio play again when it reaches the end of the track, the Brave browser could detect when the audio stops after reaching the end of the track (or if there’s no audio playing) it can automatically press the play button and play the music/video content again.

Some video streaming websites automatically stops the video from playing when the user has been idle for too long (I think you know which platform that is). It would be great also to have the video/audio automatically play again if for some reason the video stops playing for no reason.

I hope you guys at Brave can add this feature to both Android and iOS! Thanks so much for making such an awesome browser!