Add a companion app like Firefox Lockwise/BitWarden

I am opening the topic not to make the request, but to see if I am not the only one who wants this.

I was thinking that, to maximise usability, it might be useful to have an app linked to Brave, similar to how Firefox Lockwise is for Firefox, that would allow you to use the wallet with the passwords and cards saved on ‘the whole’ device, not just in the browser, so that you would have the passwords available even while typing in any app, just like Firefox Lockwise and BitWarden.

For the moment I have to use Bitwarden to do this and keep Brave’s built-in wallet disabled, but if the latter’s wallet is already offline like BitWarden’s, couldn’t a secondary app be added to the synchronisation chain? Perhaps it could also manage bookmarks like xBrowserSync (a more than apt example, since in their roadmap for new updates they talked about synchronising passwords and saved cards in addition to bookmarks).

This feature doesn’t require a companion app, there have been discussions about adding this feature into the browser