Adblocking not working completely

Description of the issue:

**Steps to Reproduce (add as many as necessary): visit
And click on any of the news, you will ads are loading
For some reason the ads doesn’t load only if I use adguard extension or ublock with adguard sources

Actual Result (gifs and screenshots are welcome!):

**Expected result:**website without ads

Reproduces how often: Always

Operating System and Brave Version(See the About Brave page in the main menu): happens on all since its related to ad blocking sources

Additional Information:

There appears to be issues with blocking adverts and cookie notices at the moment for quite a few of us, but our experiences differ, and it appears to be affecting some other browsers and adblockers to varying degrees also.

I’ve only tested, Safari, Firefox, Brave and Edge on mobile, but it seems most mobile browsers are handling adverts and cookies badly at the moment. On mobile, I’ve got the same issue as you.

Firefox on desktop is handling almost everything, beside youtube videos.

FireFox 77.0.1 (64-bit)
Adblocker Ultimate
EnabledEnglish filterVersion Updated 10 june 2020 at 18:31.
EnabledAdblock Warning Removal ListVersion Updated 10 june 2020 at 18:01.
EnabledI don’t care about cookiesVersion Updated 10 june 2020 at 13:03.

Brave on desktop is letting a lot of cookies notices through for me, and some adverts, It does appear to be handling Youtube reasonably well though now, unlike Firefox, havent found a filter list for that yet.

Here’s how Dhakatribune looks on desktop for me using Brave.

I’ve copied and pasted Fanboys annoyance list, and I dont care about cookies into Brave browsers CSS box because these filter lists are not available in the default list. I’ve had limited success, and it is a bit glitchy, some cookie notices will show before being blocked for instance. However, these filter lists do not stop the adverts on Dhakatribune. Maybe you can find more locally focused filter lists, that you could paste in Brave browsers CSS box also. If you did want to try that, find some filter lists you want to try and paste the list here brave://adblock/ . On mobile I cant help im afraid.

All the filters in Brave’s default list have been useless for blocking adverts and cookie notices for me. Maybe its a combination of Brave’ sorting things their end, along with adblockers, in response to Google or whoever playing around, I dont know. Hopefully Brave and the adblockers get to grips with it sooner rather than later. I’m making some pretty big sacrifices by continuing to use Brave, its letting adverts and cookie notices through, I cant sync anything, cant back anything up (unless i save certain program files ?), and it is using significantly more resources than other browsers for me. I’ll cut them some slack because they are growing. I’ll keep an eye on their progress, but I dont think I can use Brave as my daily browser in the current state it is.

Its because adblocking sources
If install ublock the ads still load unless you enable the adguard sources
There must be adguard rules which blockes them :frowning:
Also i couldn’t find the page to add sources in brave
Can u plz direct me to it?
They must be only using easylist now
Cause if using easylist only then the ads are loaded

There are two steps

  1. brave://adblock/ copy and paste into your search bar, enter. Scroll to the bottom of the page, you will see the CSS box.

  2. Find the contents of your favourite filter list. It will look like the contents in this filter list . Paste contents into the CSS box. And thats it, refresh your tabs.

You can delete the contents in the same place, enable, disable, any of Brave’s default list filters. The default list filters are not effective for me though.

It would not be bad if more filters are in their own settings. There were a lot of times when I couldn’t handle adding filters individually. Most filters may not work in the settings of the browsers.

Although I use aggressive filters in Nightly version, I still cannot see the effect of Nano adblocker and Defender duo. Sites warn to turn off ad blocking setting. I guess it is still impossible to use the scanner settings without the nano defender.

Brave has been disappointing a lot… First the ad feature goes unstable or completely not working. Then Sync feature gone.

Now I’m forcing myself to use install the traditional Adblock extention…

I will really have to unfortunately have to switch browsers, if these issues keep going on… No offenses at all, I want you guys to be better.

I can’t completely go to brave cause of the sync feature mainly
Hoping edge comes to linux then atleast we will have the ability to netflix and others above 720p :frowning:
They most probably using easylist like ublock in normal mode( u have to go filters and select adguard)
Hope they fix it :’(
Used to love chrome
But now in mobile it prefetches website even if I unclick it
Very strange

fixed this, Will in be Easylist (in 24-48hrs)


Thanks a lot :smile:
Do i report this type of problems directly to the github link from next time?
Or here is acceptable

here is fine, just post a sample site


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