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Good evening friends,

So today after doing a bit of research about the Brave browser, I decided to download it on my Macbook.I was most interested in the ad blocker’s ability to actually block ads. So I put the thing to the test!

First website I tried out was and it was awesome!!! No ads on videos!!! Whoa!

After witnessing it’s power to actually block ads on youtube, I didn’t think there was much it was not able to block. I downloaded Brave browser on all of my devices and computers, etc.

As I am sitting here now waiting for my wife to prepare dinner, I thought to visit! I always enjoyed surfing the random content & the eye candy ; ) this site had to offer. I stopped visiting the site since ads took over the entire site.

Now that I had the Brave browser to use, I decided to again test out its powers! Upon first glance, the adblocker seemed to work brilliantly. However, it only works on the pages with images. If I try to view a video, it does not load. I attempted to disable the shields/ad blocking, and sure enough, the video loads.

Not expecting anything in regards to immediate response, I simply wanted to contribute by reporting this issue!

Nevertheless, good jobs Devs! I think this startup is the future of Browsers.


Thanks @tluu420

Appreciate the report, and that you’re enjoying the browser.

What you’re describing happens sometimes, as video players are configured differently than page content. It sounds like the chive has an anti-ad blocker for their video player.

I’m going to open an issue in github to investigate, and will add the link here so you can track as well if you’d like.

In the meantime, an easy workaround to still watch video is to click on the lion menu for the page with the video (in the upper right corner of the Brave) and click to disable shields. Disabling shields should temporarily allow you to view the video. When you’re done, you can enable the shields again and browse the rest of the site w/o ads.


I’ve opened the following issue in github for the team to investigate. You can follow along and check progress for the long term fix:

Can you do me a favor and please:

  • Open Brave
  • In the URL bar, enter: about:brave
  • Copy-paste the info from the about:brave page into a reply on this thread.

Can you also attempt to play the video with shields down (from the lion menu in the upper right corner), and let me know if the video plays for you with shields down?

I attempted to, and saw that the player was stuck loading even with shields down, but am not totally confident that what I’m seeing isn’t some other issue.

Thanks again for reporting this!


Brave: 0.15.314
rev: 75ffa36130b1ad33c6f311e5e16ed7838b0b50a0
Muon: 3.0.202
libchromiumcontent: 58.0.3029.110
Node.js: 7.9.0
Update Channel: dev
os.platform: darwin
os.release: 16.3.0
os.arch: x64

Nice, right on it. I tried with the shields down and it worked. Ads loaded though :smiling_imp:

EDIT: I spoke to soon. The ad loaded and played a commercial but then stuck loading on the actual content. Upon further exploring theChive, I realized none of the videos work even with shields down…


Cool, thanks for doing​ the testing and sharing the info. Really appreciate it. The downside of having Shields down is the ads, which is why we typically use that as a last resort or workaround.

I’m going to add the info to the github issue, and will check a couple other browsers to see if we are matching any of them. One would think that with Shields down we would be able to view, but you and I both are seeing the same behavior.

Thanks again for following through with the info and testing.

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