Adblocker detected on certain site

I’ve been trying to visit this site; and I get a message saying that my adblocker is detected. I don’t know how to solve this but this was the message:

Brave Version:
Brave: 1.49.129
Chromium: 111.0.5563.116

Maybe try turning down shields by clicking on the Lion / Brave logo in the URL bar.


  1. What Shields settings are you using? For example, do you have it set to Aggressive for adblocking? Do you have any content filters enabled? If not, probably should change some of them. Examples are at PSA: Current FAQ - #28 by Saoiray

  2. I just tested on my Android and I didn’t see this message. So really need to make sure to check settings and visit, to see if that still appears.

No immediate fix, the the site is very active countering adblock exceptions.

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