Adblocker blocks video on


Eich readily admits to JavaScript’s flaws and talks frankly about what he might have done better, while touching on JavaScript’s improvements over its 23-year lifespan

I was reading an news article/talk from Brendan Eich about Javascript, Brave etc., This page is working fine in all the other browsers. In Brave, the video is not playing when the adblocker is enabled. I can watch the video only if I disabled ad blocker.

Note: I have default ad blocker settings in Brave browser.


brave it is not working it is not load in my computer I have window 8 it is a sheet


anyway I already deleted and clean everything in my computer, now it is working but… I have 134 BAT from before that I paid when the wallet didn have recovery and now I do not have anythings and I can connect to uphold by audity and bay 2fa. What can I do ??? where is my bat ? before I use 2FA, now they ask me for audity but before I have 135 bat and now nathing!!! be careful with brave BE CAREFUL !!!


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